Top Financial Forecast Videos

Financial forecast videos here are selected to provide the correct point of view as perceived by

FSC. While open to other perspectives, they must come from a market beating manager,

an economist that nailed the bottoms and tops of markets, newsletter writers that

have a long history of making brave and accurate calls. As such, most of the

mainstream economic forecasters, financial managers, and financial traders will

not make the cut.


From the World Futurists Society

This is more broad based but nonetheless interesting to consider.

Each year the World Future Society prepares a round up of the most thought-provoking forecasts published in THE FUTURIST magazine. This video illustrates the editors’ choice for the top 10 forecasts for the decades ahead.

Outlook 2012 was published in the November-December 2011 issue of THE FUTURIST. A PDF of this special report may be ordered here:




Author of Jackass Investing, Michael Dever, Brandywine Asset Management on Bloomberg:

Mike Dever has soundly beaten the broad stock market 
for many years running. His investment performance 
demonstrates Financial Survival speculating 
as practiced by a master. 
Here he discusses some of the key beliefs that 
steer his investment methodology and 
how they differ markedly from the accepted 
fallacies that are constitute market wisdom.


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