Cashless Society – The Invisible Prison

Cashless Society - Welcome to the Prison System

Banks want us in the Cashless, Digital Prison Grid

Going cashless is a dream shared by bankers world-wide. Any dream shared by bankers must, perforce, be a nightmare for us – the long suffering subjects of these banksters. By now, after suffering from a pile of banking and banker scandals high enough to touch the moon, we know that the financial system is largely set-up as a “bankers and governments take-all” proposition.

Some of the major banking frauds that frame how corrupt bankers are:

  1. Robo-signing mortgage criminal enterprise
  2. The recent about-face from a Goldman-Sachs insider exposing their demonic motivation to skewer their own clients
  3. The demolition of Greece,
  4. The multi-trillion dollar bailouts for world bankers that profited on the way up and again on the way down. Not to mention the general and foundational fraud of the Federal Reserve fiat currency, and fractional reserve banking.

Finding banking frauds is like looking for the sun – always easy to spot.


Now that India has announced that they are going to biometric I.D. and cashless, as detailed in this article


The claims that banks and cashless society proponents make include:

  1. Lower criminal activity because there is no cash to steal.
  2. More convenient for people to just use a card for all purchases.
  3. Easier record keeping with receipts and electronic records.
  4. This one takes not a teaspoon of sugar to swallow – but a pint of 100 proof rum also. Privacy will be increased because there will be strong privacy laws restricting access to records. Yes, and I am from the government, I am here to help, and definitely, I will love you in the morning.


That essentially covers what the advantages may be for both consumers and businesses that restrict all purchases to Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or simply bank cards.

Already, there are many signs that the cashless society network is being pushed from internecine corporate networks:


  1. All airlines have gone cashless.
  2. Banks are restricting mortgage payments to only electronic payments.
  3. Visa allows purchases up to $25 without signature
  4. Hasbro produces Monopoly with a cashless version – training the younger generation.
  5. Banks in Ireland, and many countries including the U.S. limit the amount of cash that can be withdrawn. There are cash limits for how much can be taken outside the U.S. of $10,000.
  6. Banks are beginning the push to charge for handling cash such as charging for cashing checks as Bank of America currently does.


Moves toward a cashless society have been ongoing for years. Gas pumps encourage credit or debit card usage only. The newest cards have micro-chips built in that allow storage of more information, RFID (radio frequency identification) of the card and account from a distance, and making the cards more difficult to produce or duplicate.

While there may appear to be some minor convenience to carrying only credit/debit cards and using strictly cashless transactions, the dangers and disadvantages are equivalent to becoming a prisoner.

Here is a brief list of the catastrophic dangers and eventual imprisonment the cashless society will impose:


-Ends anonymity in life

-Creates a 100% risk of cyber crime both from rogue hackers and internal employees and officers of banks, data centers, communication networks,etc. So many accounts in banks across the world have been hacked that there is no rebutting this argument. Instead of one person being possibly robbed, 360,000 accounts get robbed in an instant as happened with Citi as announced in June of 2011.

-By outlawing cash, the banks force everyone into their system of control for taxation, bank fees, licenses, fines, tracking, and ultimately, shutting off access to food, water, shelter or life and liberty.

-Going cashless will kill micro-businesses such as started by younger people, poorer and often women trying to support their familes, and that depend on easy start-up, without needing approval from banks for access to the electronic payment equipment and system. Not to mention the banks would force them to get business licenses, set-up accounts, get credit approval, take fees that rob entrepreneurs of profits, and control what business would be allowed to be started.

-All electronic payments reduce the income, and survivability, of small businesses by taking a large percentage of all payments off the top. Some banks enforce a 5% surcharge for payments over the whole transaction – which must be passed on to the final customer – you and I. Plus, by taking this money, banks reduce the product quality, offerings, and incentive to open a new business.

-Those that work in areas without electronic networks, such as rural handy men, farmers, etc – will be shut out of the economic system. Without being in the city, the communication networks will not be available to support the cashless society. Once again, our choices as consumers will be reduced or eliminated. Organic farmers, handy men, itinerant workers, flower sellers, small pretzel stands, personal car washers, dog walkers, etc. will all disappear from our world for a start.

-Taxes across the board will rise dramatically. With complete access to all records, all transactions, the ability to turn us all on and off economically, governments or banks will impose higher fees, taxes, rules, regulations, and fines. The holders of the keys to our electronic accounts know that we will have no choice to obey..and obey..and they can turn our access off to anything, at any time, for any reason.

-All credit available will be available for anyone. There will be no time limit to the effects of making mistakes when young. Credit records will be completely detailed for all characteristics of a person: what habits (buy too many cases of beer?, buy cigarettes?, get a speeding ticket?, buy ammunition or a firearm??) they have, where they go, who they associate with, etc. Plus, with only electronic or cashless transactions, the discipline of only spending cash will be gone. Banks will of course allow for overdrafts, with horrific penalties that only take more money from the poor and trapped.

-Banks and governments will protest, promise, entreat, and swear on a stack of their regulations that THIS time, they will follow the strictest privacy laws, and all data will be kept secret. They triple promise this time! Anyone that believes anything from either governments or banks – especially with regard to privacy, deserves exactly the shagging they will undoubtedly get, and get again, until they are cowered in the corner. Broke, destitute, hopeless, trapped, and wondering how they could be so fooled again, into signing up for the invisible prison of putting all their wealth in the hands of banks and their governments.

-Some of the offerings that we in the U.S. enjoy now, but will see disappear when the cashless prison grid goes live:

1. No more gun stores, firearm suppliers, ammunition makers (already banning lead -the main component in bullets)

      1. No more alternative news sites such as,,, and countless others. Already many of these sites have suffered from being banned from Paypal, and many bank merchant accounts (where they cannot get Visa or Mastercard systems to accept credit cards).
      2. Possibly no liquor stores
      3. Certain areas will ban cigars or cigarettes, maybe colas, maybe fat foods, anything could be filtered by what is approved by the banks and governments.


-The most dangerous aspect of going cashless has nothing to do with how much this will starve of us our resources and wealth. Cashless control by banks and governments means that they, a central control of faceless, mega-wealthy mega control freaks can shut any person, group, business, or population off.

No access to their own resources – or money. Not allowed to buy food. Not allowed to buy fuel. Not allowed to travel. Not allowed to buy a home. Completely in prison. An invisible prison.


How the Cashless Society will be Brought In


The banking collapse that is happening now, along with the currency collapse that the U.S. is going to experience, along with the rest of the world, will herald the forced movement to going cashless.


As usual, the crises will be created to move the agenda forward that the banks and governments have been pushing for decades. A derivatives bubble, where banks traded amongst themselves in fantasy paper that fattened bankers pay checks while exposing depositors and the financial system to full scale collapse, will be the purported cause.


We must push back.


While having many alternatives for storing wealth – including cashless cards, cash, gold, silver, digital e-currencies, etc. – is an unequivocally positive thing, using the deadly force monopoly the government and banks have to force us all into the cashless prison, is unequivocally demonic, anti-freedom, and against natural rights.


Now you know the full picture of where a cashless society moves us. We may as well jump into the cold, jam packed box cars heading to a F.E.M.A. camp, where soldiers, TSA agents, DHS officers, etc. wearing blue helmets, even if they claim to be U.S. citizens, will be ready to put one of the 45 million bullets ordered by our government, into the back of our heads.


Welcome to a cashless society, and the end of our free life as we knew it.


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Former commodity trader and financial adviser, owner of farms, engineer by training, internet marketer, believer in freedom in all forms for all people, guide for strategies, techniques, and actions that help people navigate to profit through a corrupt and manipulated financial system.


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