Bitcoin and the key players under attack.

The Attack on Bitcoin and How This Means You’re Account is Next

      Bitcoin’s major players – Mt. Gox,, Coinbase (not this round, but previously), BTC-e, BitStamp, BitInstant (direct attack by federal agents), and others I have not identified have all come under attack. The attacks have taken many forms, from direct internet DDoS (denial of service) botnet activity, to attempted hacks, and federal […]

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Bitcoin BTC Price Predictions

Bitcoin Predictions

  Bitcoin predictions are now as popular as gold predictions used to be. We are living through the greatest financial over throw in the world economic order any of us has ever seen, and quite likely, any other epoch in history has ever seen. Bitcoin and the tag along currencies like Litecoin, Namecoin, plus 50 […]

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Wishbone Gold building value.

Wishbone Gold’s CEO Poulden Makes Another Positive Strategic Move to Increase Shareholder Value

  Richard Poulden, Founder and Executive Chairman of fast growing Wishbone Gold PLC (OTC: WISHY $3.90), has set up a strategic alliance with a newly formed mining investment trust backed by experienced mining fund managers. The new entity, Global Resources Investment Trust Plc (“GRIT”), has entered into a conditional Share Exchange Agreement with Wishbone Gold […]

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WISHY Revisited – For Some Great Ore Sample News

Wishbone Gold PLC (OTC: WISHY – $3.85) recently released a sampling report. You can find the full report here:   The summary of the report is that Wishbone Gold continues building shareholder value with a sampling program that is defining not only gold production potential, but copper and molybdenum.   A few of the […]

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The Great Divorce: Wall Street Abandons Main Street

The headlines could not be more dissimilar. On the one hand, the major US stock market indexes are reaching new highs with disturbing regularity. Now we all know that the dollar does not by what it used to when these same stock market numbers were visited in the past, but nonetheless there is an upward […]

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Shock and Awe in the Gold and Silver Miners, European Miners Bouncing Back, WISHY – An Explorer to Watch

  The “in blame game only” government shut down for the country backing the world’s reserve currency would, to a reasoning person, bolster the gold and silver market. With gold casually moving from below $30 up from $1290 to $1320, there does not appear to be many pursing that reasoning with any financial gusto. European […]

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Video Posted For How to Pick Winning Mining Stocks

  In absolutely the worst audio and video quality I have ever had to post, I discuss some extremely valuable information about the next bull market in gold and silver stocks that is beginning again. How to Picking Winning Mining Stocks is one of the most important topics because picking winning mining stocks can bring […]

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Sirius Minerals shows what Wishbone Gold can become.

How to Select the 500% – 1000% Stock Winners in this Launching Precious Metals Market – With Specific Recommendations for: Wishbone Gold PLC (OTC: WISHY)

  Excellon Resources and Endeavour Mining were two of my first big wins and my introduction to the life changing profits that small cap, well-managed, mining companies can bring. My first investments were laddered buys around 1998 as the murmurs of a precious metals bull market were building.   As I recommend to my readers, […]

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Where Will the New Jobs Come From in an Economic Recovery?

Surprisingly enough, the new jobs in an economic recovery will come from sectors long considered dead. Leading new job growth can be found in select industries. Some of the top 5 jobs for 2013 and for surviving Obama,   From IBIS research and US NEWS: Office staffing where temporary workers are hired first, than full […]

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Alternative retirement investments

5 Surprisingly Smart Retirement Investments You Never Considered

Retirement investments are no longer restricted to bonds and major stocks. With bonds paying, well, not really even paying anything, retirement investing has launched into a world of creative finance our grandparents would have thrown their treasured Betty Crocker cook book at us over. The stock market will offer retirees a solid return for several […]

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