Can We Really Find a Girl for Marriage Online with Foreign Brides from Ukraine or Russia (or China or Mexico or Brazil or Columbia??)

Tips for Finding a Girl for Marriage with Anastasia Date

Finding a girl for marriage from Anastasia Date or any other site

Finding a girl for marriage online with Anastasia Date or any other dating site such as, eharmony, Jdate or other chatting sites is risky to a certain extent no matter what country both people are sitting in. Throw in the expenses of some of these sites –and all the good ones cost money – and the risks become financial.

Now when there is a language barrier, the real challenges start.


Anastasia Date does not promise miracles. What they do offer is the real possibility of meeting a young girl for marriage and the possibility that you could marry the girl of your dreams – in age, looks, sexiness, and femininity, not to mention how smart she might be. Anastasia Date has set up a great system to meet young girls for marriage, but we have to do our part.


I can tell you what to do, and what not to do. Would take about a give you even a hint at all I have learned from meeting young girls for marriage and the trips to Russia and Ukraine. I liked Ukraine and will not go back to Russia right now anyway.


We can really find the girl for marriage if we follow a few simple principles.

Top 5 Tips for Finding a Young Girl for Marriage with Anastasia Date or any other service…


  1. Be ready to marry!!! There is not a lot of time to get things sorted out with some of these girls. They want to see action. Be ready to visit, be ready to get a place to spend time with her and be ready to take the steps to marry her. These include getting paperwork done, visas, etc.
  2. Pick only a few girls, but don’t pick just one! Get a few Plan B’s, C’s, and even D’s but not through the alphabet. Gets too expensive and hard to handle. Have possibly as many as three girls you would like to meet in a city. Then focus on the one you really like.
  3. Budget what you will spend money on and do not exceed it. A great thing to do is get a prepaid card and only use that for the dating. I used NetSpend.
  4. When you chat with the girls that are serious about marriage..ask a few key questions such as: How many more years of college or university do you have left? Do you want children? Are you ready for marriage or want to wait a few years? These questions need to be asked before you waste time on chat – as well as money. Then you will find the serious girls who are really interested in finding a good man.
  5. Have you date set for when you will visit Ukraine. If you can get tickets reserved, even better. That way the girls will know you are serious. Otherwise they will know you may never come


These are some of the basic tips. I cover much more in my video serious..check it out! The insiders guide to winning the online girls for marriage dating game..

Anastasia Date Dangers and Ukrainian and Russian Girl Dangers

Ukrainian girls for marraige dangers with anastasia date

Anastasia Date Ukrainian girls for marriage dangers.

Anastasia Date and the Ukrainian girls that are on the site are not generally dangerous, other than to our wallets. They are usually pretty, nice, and sometimes even sincere. However, Anastasia Date like any other service or business wants as much of our hard earned money as they can get legally.

The girls are often the same. The Ukrainian and Russian girls will all tell you to your face how they want a rich least they are not lying about it!

Dangers with Anastasia Date include a few of the following Top 5 Dangers of Anastasia Date and of Ukrainian Foreign Brides or Online Girls for Chatting and Marriage


  1. Financial Death by a thousand $15.99 cuts Anastasia date or online chatting sites charge for the chats and those charges can add up fast. Here is my recommendation…set a budget each month for all the chats and letters. Let’s say you decided to limit your spending on online chat with these girls for marriage to about $100. That is less than one date in any city. Then stick to it.


  1. Answering a lot of letters. We can chat for almost an hour for the cost of just 2 letters back and forth. My advice is to answer the free letters than get the girl in chat. In chat we can learn more about these foreign brides for marriage and these young girls from Ukraine than a thousand letters will tell us.


  1. Looking at the videos. The videos cost money and offer almost no value. Unless we plan to meet these brides for marriage, there is no point to looking at the videos. Trust me, the girls usually look about like their pictures show but sometimes have much worse skin. Save the money for chatting or for an actual date!


  1. Calling or using he cam and video. This is open to debate, but I do not need to see the girl in video. I am much more interested in chatting only and the video just burns through the money much faster. Maybe turn on the video for one minute.. then shut it off.

  2.  Chatting with too many girls at one time. I no longer do this. I used to be the worst – with 5 windows open and the money flying out the window. Now I focus on one girl and that is the way to roll. Turns out $30 is plenty to get to know one of these incredible young ladies if you know how to chat well.


These tips will cut chatting, letter writing and the expenses of Anastasia Date from the potential bank account destroyer to a fantastic way to meet the most amazing ladies for marriage, for dating, or for simply a fantastic trip to Ukraine or to Russia.



Find Wife with Hot Russian Brides versus Anastasia Date : 2 Weeks Evaluation is In – Real World Opinion

Find a Wife with Anastasia Date

Find a wife, ukrainian girl for marriage with Anastasia Date

Find Wife – Hot Russian Brides and Anastasia Date are the leading sites for to find a wife, ukrainian girl, young girl for marriage, or hot russian girls for marriage.

Now that I have testing Hot Russian Brides and compared it to Anastasia Date – there is no comparison.


I do not know if Hot Russian Brides is the same company as Anastasia Date – I think they are different companies – but I do know that I will not use Hot Russian Brides.


Anastasia Date has real girls, really chatting with us.


Hot Russian Brides may or may not have real girls. Some of them appear to be real but most of them seem to be fake models or even porn stars. Not that we are going to get the porn star but we will lose a lot of money from chatting.


Keep in mind, that to find a wife, we need to chat with a lot of young Ukrainian girls to find a girl for marriage. In my case, I chatted with hundreds, possibly thousands of girls and dated more than I can count. Yes, there are cases where to find a wife, we have to chat with their translator while we are in chat, but this is not hidden.


Find a Wife – Anastasia Date has Real Girls for Marriage


Finding a wife is serious business. Anastasia date realizes this and checks the girls passports for age and keeps very careful records of the girls to make sure they are real.

Now some of these girls for marriage are heavier than their photoshopped pictures make them look. Finding a wife is hard work in real life and is hard work online also. But it is also fun if you enjoy meeting young beautiful girls for marriage. Anastasia date is definitely superior.


Not only have I met young girls for marriage, but I have made interesting friends, had unforgettable experiences both great and terrible, and I have found a wife!


Hot Russian Brides seems completely fake and is also a pain in the ass to use. Skip Hot Russian Brides and go straight to Anastasia Date – and find a wife.


The key steps to find a wife is to get a profile and put $20 in by selecting about 20 minutes set up on Anastasia Date with a few key words such as:

I am here to find a wife.

Serious about finding a wife.

Want to meet a lady to travel with around the world.

Looking to find a wife and start a family.


Use these words, put an active picture up and you will find a wife, a beautiful girl for marriage.

Best Ways to Meet Girls for Marriage from Ukraine Russia- Anastasia Date versus Hot Russian Brides


Hot Russian Bride vs Anastasia Date Hot Girls for Marriage Online Chate

Hot Russian Brides compared to Anastasia Date girls for marriage – Both have hot young girls for marriage, online dating and chat.

If you have been reading Find-A-Young-Bride for any length of time, you know that I promote Anastasia Date over Hot Russian Brides. That is about to change.


My opinion has not changed about Anastasia Date providing the hottest, youngest, best selection of Ukrainian Russian girls for marriage and for online chat and dating. What has changed is that Hot Russsian Brides is getting better.


Comparing the two sites, you will see a lot of similarities. Hot Russian Brides is a much smaller company and copies Anastasia Date on many of their systems and technology.


Some advantages of Hot Russian Brides over Anastasia Date:

  1. Cheaper. Even though Anastasia Date seems to be about the same price, you get about 30% more time to chat with Hot Russian Brides.
  2. Wider selection of older women. Seems that Anastasia Date is geared to model quality younger girls. That is great until you realize that some of them are not that interesting. An older – and I mean 25-32 years old – is a more interesting girl. The girls in the 18-23 year range still want to party all the time. If that is your thing, then go for it.
  3. More focused on Russian and Ukrainian girls. Anastasia Date has girls from all over the place and we can be chatting with some girl only to find out she is from Moldova, a place we will never go. Hot Russian Brides keeps their girls from Ukraine and Russia and no where else as far as I know.


Anastasia Date has some advantages over Hot Russian Brides:

  1. Anastasia Date girls tend to be more beautiful and their photos are more professional. This is because the system for Anastasia is more developed and they are a bit more aggressive in recruiting beautiful girls. Also, many of the photos are photo shopped. Yes, these girls do have zits and bad skin and sometimes are flat chested, but the photo editor makes all of that go away!
  2. Anastasia Date is more selective in guaranteeing a girls age and status, but not always her weight. I met a whale once from Anastasia and the profile was off by 50 pounds. Hot Russian Brides is not quite as careful about who they put on the site.
  3. Anastasia Date is much more sophisticated with their marketing, chat systems, and website. They simply are the rulers of top online dating of girls for marriage and foreign brides. No one else is close. This also means they are all about the money and not about the relationship. Hot Russian Brides is a bit more authentic with the relationships. Either one can introduce us to great girls for marriage though.


More to follow for anyone interested in testing the waters in Hot Russian Brides or Anastasia Date.

I recommend signing up for both Hot Russian Brides and Anastasia Date and see which one you prefer.


Why are Ukrainian Russian Girls for Marriage and Dating So Vain?

Ukraine Girls Anastasia Date Girls for Marriage are Vain

Vain ukrainian girls for marriage from Anastasia date are more the norm than the is wired into the soul of the country and of most of the ladies.

Girls from Ukraine Russia that are young and looking for husbands or dating can often be the most vain girls you can imagine. They are girls for marriage but sometimes I think they are really already deeply in love, with themselves!!

Even if I tell them, you are in love with yourself -they will say “Why should I not love myself, I am beautiful.” Yes, that is really what they sound like and what they think.


Expect to take a million pictures of your Ukrainian Russian girlfriend or girl you are dating. She is going to want a hundred pictures in front of every plant every monument, every shop, every place you eat she will want a picture of her eating anything.


These girls from Anastasia Date, are sometimes beautiful, but even if they are not, they will want a thousand pictures of themselves. Never has a culture produced a level of deadly vanity and shallowness.


Some girls for marriage in the U.S. will be vain also, but nothing like Ukrainian or Russian bitches. They are in a completely new league of vanity, self love, self glorification, self sufficiency, and self centeredness.


After meeting and dating hundreds of these beautiful, young, Anastasia Date girls for marriage from Ukraine and Russia, I can say confidently, that they love themselves from every angle, in every way, and without question, and will gladly tell you or me or anyone else how amazing they are.


I just came back from a vacation with a young Ukrainian girl. She knows she is beautiful and will not only tell me how beautiful she is, but tells me how many men come up to her and tell her how beautiful she is!!

NEWS FLASH – She is not all that! She could lose 10 pounds, and gained another three on the vacation.

While she is young, she is still beautiful, but I can see in a few years, she will be both fat and not as beautiful, and quite the bitch sometimes. Must also add, she is very smart, and very head strong.


This particular Ukrainian girl wanted me to take picture after picture – hundreds of her making all kinds of poses – sucking in her stomach.


So why put up with all of this vanity??

Because all beautiful young girls are vain, and that is the way nature made them. Ukrainian and russian girls just happen to be much worse than normal. And the big benefit is that we can enjoy a girl less than half our age that truly is beautiful, along with being very smart, and very interesting and is serious for marriage. That is why.



My last U.S. girlfriend was also very vain, also a bitch part of the time, but a great girl in every way.

Having a vain girlfriend is just the price we pay for having beautiful ladies in our life, and Ukrainian girls are more beautiful so they are likely to be much more vain.

Now you are warned…go and enjoy a beautiful, young, vain, Ukrainian Russian girl for marriage from Anastasia Date.

Costs of Chatting Online With Russian Ukraine Anastasia Date Girls

Chatting Online with Girls for Marriage from Ukraine

Chatting online with girls from Anastasia Date is expensive and the best investment ever in dating.

Chatting online in the U.S. is almost free, while chatting with the beautiful babes from Russia Ukraine on Anastasia Date costs..and costs. and costs some more.

Even though I am proud to be an affiliate marketer for Anastasia Date, I was first and still am a major user of their online dating and marriage network. Even though I already have my special bride, I use the system to keep up with the advances and to see what new ideas I can offer you, my valuable reader.


Have to keep on top of the online chatting, foreign bride, and girl for marriage game.


To start out with, there are several time frames or points to choose for buying your first chatting minutes. Each point can be one minute or if you turn on the cameras and other things like sending special emoticons – not something I ever do – then you can use a lot more points.


Focus on chatting, not the camera. Buy a lot of points at the first opportunity, then watch your chatting carefully. There is almost no point in chatting for 2 minutes. Buy at least 40 minutes of chat time, use it wisely and you can find a really amazing girl for marriage, get to know her a bit, and even see if you want to fly there to meet her. Or you can turn on the camera for a few minutes, blow double the points, and see if she seems to be interesting on the camera.


My video – for sale on the side bar – gives major tips on how to save money, avoid the girls that are there simply to collect a check and meet the real girls for marriage on Anastasia Date from Ukraine and Russia.

Guys, there are scamming girls everywhere – but these girls are much more beautiful. There are also serious girls on Anastasia Date and we need to realize that it is a great opportunity – to meet the girl for marriage we dream of, or to lose all of our money and get heart broken. Welcome to life!


Since I want to be of service, here are a couple of my tips to keep more money your wallet, while enjoying chat:

  1. Keep the video off. Wastes money – fast.
  2. Get out of chat if she is slow. I only give the girl two sentences to respond – possibly 30 seconds, then I will say Bye, until we meet again. If she is too slow, then she is possibly playing us. This will save a ton of your points.
  3. Use only the basic emoticons.
  4. Shut down a girl that only uses emoticons, it means either she is dull, or she is keeping a lot of guys chatting at one time for money.
  5. Only open up two chat windows at one time, no more. Same rules apply.
  6. Buy about 40 points at one time. This is one of the better price points as the discounts decrease from there.
  7. Set a budget for yourself and do not spend any more than that amount.
  8. Keep your credit card out of it! Use paypal and send the money into the account before you chat. Brothers, this will keep you from spending money seriously fast.


For other tips – including chatting with girls from Anastasia Date for free, buy my 45 minute video that will save you hundreds or thousands of $$$, plus tell you how to get that girl you dream of, like I did!

Young Girls for Marriage at 18, 19, 20 years Old for Old Fat White Guys from Anastasia Date?

Young Girls for Marrying Old Fat Guys on Anastasia Date

This young girl for marriage from Ukraine on Anastasia Date is real, ready for marriage and wants to chat with a decent guy who is serious or close to it, and she can be yours.

Young girls for marriage at the ages of 18, 19, 20 are really on Anastasia Date from Ukraine and Russia. Personally, I barely understand these barely legal girls for marriage from Ukraine. Why would a young, sexy, beautiful, smart, healthy girl looking for marriage want to marry some old, bald, fat, guy that does not even speak her language, has almost nothing in common with her, and obviously wants her for a bit of a sex toy? Who the hell knows and who cares!! They do and that is all that seems to matter.


I have met these 18 year old girls for chatting and found them to be unlike girls in the U.S. at the same age. These young girls for marriage in Ukraine and Russia chatting on Anastasia Date are much more mature that girls of the same age in the U.S. They often are trying to help their family. They do not see a bright future in Ukraine because they cannot earn a lot of money, like they can in the U.S.


If we think these girls want us older men only for our experience, we are partly correct. They respect that we know what we are doing, where we are going in life if we have not already gotten there. These young girls for marriage in Ukraine and Russia, chatting online with us, are sometimes sincere about wanting to meet a man that is ready for marriage. I have met many of these very young girls and they have no problem with an older guy. In fact, some of them prefer the older guys.


How to meet these young girls for marriage is easy. Sign up with Anastasia Date, then get your fat ass in shape or make a ton of money, or at least pose your fat ass in front of a Porsche – an Escalade will do in a pinch – but a Lamborghini is better. Then the girls will think you are a serious guy, can take of them, and they will almost throw themselves at you. Anastasia Date goes for the most beautiful girls, some have been married, some are very young girls for marriage at about 18 to 20.


I met my wife now when she was 18 and I was 44!! Sure, she may want me partly for money, or to get a visa, but we have a very good time together and she has stayed by my side being a great girl for me. I could not be happier with her. She also happpens to be very easy to wake up to in the morning :))


Go and chat with these girls for marriage that are popping up on the side of this page, or click the link

to Anastasia Date and begin chatting with your dream girl for marriage from Anastasia Date.

Online Dating Anastasia Date Ukrainian Russian Girls for Marriage

Anastasia Date Girl for Marriage from Ukraine

Hot girl for online chatting with Anastasia Date from Ukraine

Online dating with Anastasia Date girls for marriage from Ukraine and Russia is completely different than online dating with,, and the U.S. online dating sites. The reasons are many.


#1. Girls on Anastasia Date speak russian and some english.

All russian speakers in Ukraine know some english because they have years of training in it with Ukraines schools. The problem is that they need to use translators online. Still, they can chat pretty well, and some of them chat as well as or better than girls in the U.S. Girls for marriage in Ukraine on Anatasia Date are smart. They live a harder life with much higher educational standards than in the U.S. You can talk about literature with these girls for marriage, but probably not your best move to get them interested.


#2. The girls are seriously curious why we are on the site.

Why, they wonder, do we want to look for wife from Ukraine or Russia and not from the U.S.? The standard answer is the same for all men: Girls for marriage from Ukraine are much better wives, more feminine, smarter, more beautiful, younger, nad more serious for marriage. These answers are real and exactly what the girls want to hear. They are looking for men outside of Ukraine for similar reasons. This dynamic means that the girls are getting serious in conversation much faster. Less BS chat and more serious discussion about what we are really at this game for. Wife, fun, girl for marriage, friend, are the possible classifications but usually the girls are there for a serious man, for marriage.


#3. Money – the girls are often paid to chat.

This means we have to be aware that this is a business. This does not mean the girls are not interested in marriage. They are also interested in getting money, not only just for a relationship. The girls feel a little guilty about this, but they are really interested in a relationship also. Hard to believe, but it is true. Money and love are mixed in E. Europe, russia and Ukraine. There is no separating the two and it starts when chatting online with anastasia date girls for marriage.


#4 Options for online dating include video chat, skype chat, letters, and text chat.

Eventually, we have to travel to visit the girl and that is another whole article. When we are escalating the interaction with the girl, a big thing to avoid is getting into video early. Stay away from video and have these girls for marriage see that we are interesting in learning about them from the inside. We know they are hot hot HOT and sexy young girls on Anastasia Date for marriage from Ukraine and Russia. Impossibly, cover model beautiful girls want us to see them on video and they make a lot of money from this.

Immediately shut that video off when chatting until much later. Go a few chats before engaging the video, and then use it sparingly. The key thing is good chat, good goal agreement and forward movement towards meeting the girl. That is the goal – find a girl for marriage.


These are important tips for all of us online searchers for girls for marriage on Anastasia Date from Ukraine and Russia. Enjoy the journey!

Hot Russian Girls for Marriage Video from Anastasia Date and Other Sites

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”Hot%20Russian%20Girl%20For%20Marriage” autohide=”1″ autoplay=”1″]


Hot russian ukrainian girl for marriage such as we find on Anastasia Date.

Young girls like these are basically there for the asking! Unlike in the U.S. where getting a young, beautiful, sexy girl like this to even talk with us would be next to impossible, it is very common in Ukraine and Russia. The girls love it because then they have someone older, wiser, and wealthier to take care of them who they trust much more than the younger men in Ukraine.

Seriously true!


Winning and Losing with Ukraine Russian Girls for Marriage Online with Anastasia Date


Real Online Girl for Marriage from Ukraine - Anastasia Dae

Chat online with this real girl for marriage from Anastasia date and Ukraine. Online chatting and dating is competitive winning and losing is part of the dating game.

Get used to it guys. We will win and lose with Ukraine Russian Girls for Marriage online with Anastasia Date, Hot Russian Brides, or,,, or any of the other online date and chatting sites.

Fact is, we will lose much more than we win. With Anastasia date and these young, girls for marriage from Ukraine and Russia, winning is soooo fantastic, that we can almost forget about all the times we lost.


Hidden in this statement about winning and losing are a few key points:

  1. We are in the game. The real losers are not the men that do not win the girl of their dreams immediately. No..not at all. The real losers, are the men that do not even get into the game!! And it is a game gents. Serious game, with life changing consequences, or just a great time. Still, we want to win the girl we are after and that means the simplest and hardest first step is to get in the game! I chose Anastasia Date for getting in the game because all the other sites seemed very amateurish by comparison. Tried them all. Get in the Anastasia Date game. It is the big leagues in a lot of ways, and the victories are bigger, more beautiful, more entertaining, more exciting, more sexy, and more worldly than almost any other game around.
  2. We are working all the possibilities and not focusing exclusively on one girl. While this can work for some, I do not believe it is a smart strategy. If you love her and she claims to love you, fine. Go forth and risk your wallet, heart, time, trips, and sanity. May it work out and you curse my advice…For those of us who have seen what can happen, I recommend getting together with a few ladies and choosing the ones you want to date a second time, then settle on the girl to make your one and only. Then you have played the game, lost some rounds, but won the victory! You have won a beautiful girl for marriage from Ukraine Russia and Anastasia Date.
  3. Keep your attitude positive no matter what happens. Cannot even count how many lousy meetings I have had or girls that I was crazy for turn out to be the ones completely there to take money for chatting and never meet! One stunner from Kharkov had me going for days and days thinking I would meet her and win her. Nyet!! Even after realizing I was being completely taken, I kept going, my vision clear of what I wanted. Eventually, with a few more loses, I won the girl I was after and could not be happier! Gents, if you saw the girl I won, you would also raise your fist in victory!


Winning and losing is a big part of the game. There is a great site called Real Social Dynamics ( where a guy by the name of Own or Tyler gives you the reality of how often we are likely to fail before we succeed in picking up a beautiful girl. That is the serious scoop.


Anastasia Date gives us much better odds, but we still lose in other ways. Maybe this is not what you want to hear. So be it. Have to spill the beans to you anyway my valuable reader, because this is all about the real women, the real experience, the real chance to fulfill dreams and fantasies, with young beautiful girls for marriage from Anastasia Date.

Someday, after you have gone through many chats and meetings with and found the girl you dreamsed of, I want to hear back from you. Tell me the journey, to meeting your girl for marriage from Ukraine or Russia, was not hard but worth every frustration, every penny spent, every trip there, and every awkward moment. I can assure you, it has been for me, and will be so for you, if you can deal with the set-backs, the losses, and get into the winners cirlce!